Outdoor Enrichment

Looking for a low-impact activity you can do with your pup outdoors on a nice day? You’ve come to the right place! Outdoor Enrichment is about following your dog’s nose, and their curiosity, to explore the environment. We keep the number of participants low, and the flexibility of activities high, so if your pup wants to sit on a hill and watch the boats on the river, they can! If your dog doesn’t do great with other dogs in close proximity, no worries! There’s lots of space, grass, and trees for them to explore away from the other dogs.

What exactly is this all bout? Couldn’t I just walk my dog in the park by myself?
Yes! You totally could! The outdoor enrichment walks are about discovering new locations you may not have visited before, and adding activities you may not have thought of. If your dog is feeling overwhelmed, your trainer will have advice on how to decrease your dog’s stress.



On these walks, there might be:
-Hidden treasures for your dog to sniff out
-Different textures on the ground for your dog to walk on, or
-A new sound or smell for them to experience in a low-stress, supportive environment

Select the dates that are most convenient for you!


There are locations in Petawawa, Pembroke, and Deep River, Ontario. The details of the locations will be in an email you receive after you register for your first walk.

You must register for each of the walks you plan to attend so that I know how many dogs to expect. The maximum number of dog participants in a group walk is 4, so that the dogs don’t get over stimulated.

The walks are a maximum of 30 minutes long to keep them short and sweet.

**We will only be walking when it’s nice outside, to ensure it’s a positive experience for you and your dog!

Each guided Outdoor Enrichment Walk will be a little bit different. At $10 each, why not give it a try?