Pup Scouts is a fun way to incorporate learning new skills!


Collect achievement badges in your Pup Scouts Passport as you and your best friend have fun learning and practicing new skills, playing games, and socializing with other dogs and owners!

Pup Scouts is an opportunity to work on obedience skills and socialization with other dogs and people in a fun, low pressure environment.

Collect badges as you master skills like ‘stay’ ‘target’ and ‘go to your mat’… you could even become the Ottawa Valley Musical Chairs Champion!

Using positive reinforcement techniques, Pup Scouts is all about having positive experiences and building happy relationships between dogs and their owners.

This is a very low pressure way to practice obedience in an environment with distractions. Excellent for people who are:


Socializing their dog to new people or situations


Looking for fun, low-impact, indoor activities to do with their dog


Looking to build their dog's confidence


Working their way towards a Canine Good Neighbour Certificate


To participate, you must have taken either a Puppy Primer course, private consultations or training, or a basic obedience course with Nice Dog, Scarlett!

Dates and times:
PUP SCOUTS will return in the Fall

Location: Indoors at Hank & Hound
360 Pembroke St W, Pembroke, ON

Language: English
Difficulty level: Intermediate

This class is on a drop-in basis at $20 per class, including taxes. Includes a uniform (a Pup Scouts bandanna) and a Pup Scouts Passport booklet to collect your achievement badges (there is no fee for the badges you earn!:-)

Dogs must have previously taken classes with Nice Dog, Scarlett! to participate in Pup Scouts.

All family members are welcome to participate, but must not be disruptive to the other dogs. Junior handlers (12-16) are encouraged to participate!