Pup Scouts

An after school social club for dogs!

You and your dog join for a predetermined period of time, and you attend the classes that fit your schedule and the skills you want to practice.

With 3 different levels available, you can attend the level that’s right for your dog for as long as you like. Collect badges of achievement to unlock the next level. If you are in level 1 and earn the badges required to move up to level 2, you are welcome to attend the classes scheduled for level 1 and 2! Once you move up to level 3, you are welcome to attend events for levels 1, 2 or 3 as frequently as you like.

A calendar of class dates, levels and themes will be published on the website so that you can plan your activities according to your schedule and what events interest you and your dog.

Classes are regular events that follow a theme and include guidance and feedback from a trainer, structure (with some freedom to customize to your needs) and some games related to the class theme. Keep in mind, people in the same level will be working on the same skills, but at the stage their dog is comfortable working at. For example, your dog might be able to ‘stay’ for 2 minutes, while the dog next to you might be working on ‘stay’ for 5 seconds. The flexibility of this model allows you to advance your skills as you use the other dogs in the room as natural distractions.


Pup Scouts are placed in the level that best suits them. Dogs that are brand new to training or have not had a formal training class will be assessed for their level of excitement/reactivity to know where they should begin. The Assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted on leash. The cost of the assessment and enrollment is a one-time fee of $20+tax, and that includes a Pup Scouts scarf and a passport to collect badges, if your dog is assessed as ‘ready to join Pup Scouts’.

If your dog is assessed to be ‘not ready’ to join Pup Scouts, your dog will be permitted to join once a recognized trainer gives their opinion that your dog ‘is ready to join Pup Scouts’. This may require additional training, practice, or coaching in order to help your dog prepare to attend group sessions. You will receive a Pup Scouts Scarf and Passport to collect badges once a trainer determines your dog is ‘ready to join Pup Scouts’.

If you have attended classes or private coaching with a recognized trainer, there is a possibility your dog can skip the assessment and join Pup Scouts directly. However, it is at the trainer’s discretion, and the $20 + tax is still required as an enrollment fee to cover the cost of the scarf and passport.

For the month of September 2018, you will have access to 2 classes per week that you can choose from all for one low price of $59.99+tax

This is a pilot project for the month of September, and based on the participation and client feedback, future renewals would be for longer periods of time and have a variety of levels and activities available.

Regular classes take place at Planete Hollywouf, 305 Greenfield Park.

Assessments are available from Wednesday August 29 – Tuesday September 4th, 2018.

Please visit the ‘store’ page to schedule an assessment time that is convenient for you.

Learn skills, play games, make friends and collect badges:

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