Puppy Primer Program

For dogs 5 months of age and under, the Puppy Primer Program gets you ready for all the things to expect as your puppy grows!

The Puppy Primer Program guides you through the stages of puppyhood, including socialization (positive experiences with new people, other dogs, places, smells, textures and sounds). It includes an introduction to positive training techniques and the basic building blocks of obedience behaviours like looking at you when you say his name, ‘check in with me’ (a precursor to recall) and ‘settle down’ when overstimulated.

How does it work?

You choose the time that’s convenient for you!

Nice Dog, Scarlett! offers 3 x 1 hour consultations to discuss things specific to you and your puppy. We will address his changing needs as he grows, and I will help you with puppy proofing your home, potty training tips, preventing nipping and biting, and other problem prevention techniques.

The consultations are scheduled about 1 week apart, at a time that suits your schedule. I come to you, where we will discuss where your puppy is at with his skills, and add the things you want to work on. I will demonstrate how to teach the new skill, have you practice it, and provide coaching and feedback. You practice those skills for a week, so that the next time we meet we can add new skills, and address any changes that are needed for the following session.

Methods used are Fear Free, positive reinforcement techniques that focus on building the dog-owner bond, building communication skills, and trust.

You will also have access to 3 puppy play dates, where you and other puppies and owners meet up for play-and-learn sessions with  playtime, rest breaks and training. The playdates take place Indoors at Hank & Hound in Pembroke.

The Puppy Primer Program is $329 plus taxes for 3 hours of private training, + access to 3 puppy play sessions. Playdates take place indoors at Hank & Hound, 360 Pembroke Street West, Pembroke at 2:00pm on Sundays. You must be registered for the playdate in order to attend. 

I look forward to hearing from you, I can’t wait to help you and your puppy learn and grow together!

Areas Nice Dog, Scarlett! services for Puppy Primer, In-Home Training sessions and Private Consultations are:
Deep River, Chalk River, Petawawa and Pembroke, Ontario

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