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Petiquette is a 3 part approach to manners:


  1. Making your dog more comfortable
  2. Making those around you more comfortable
  3. Practicing responsible ownership

We use positive reinforcement and lots of space to keep your dog below threshold while learning about polite greetings and personal space. We use a comprehensive counter-conditioning and desensitization protocol so that your dog learns that when new people/dogs/bikes/cars are around, good things happen!

Once your dog is more comfortable, others around you will be more comfortable too! You’ll learn how to keep people from approaching your dog, put distance between you and your dog’s triggers, and let people know that your dog is in training, and needs more space.

The third component is responsible dog ownership. There is some homework for the owners… but it’s worth it! You will learn about the laws in your city, best practices for preventing problems and community outreach so that you can help be part of the information-army that it takes to create safer, kinder communities.

Because of the outdoor nature of Petiquette, we only hold Petiquette courses during times of the year with good weather. 

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