Petiquette is a 3 part approach to manners:

1. Making your dog more comfortable
2. Making those around you more comfortable
3. Practicing responsible ownership

Is your dog leash reactive towards other dogs, humans or wildlife? Or maybe he’s TOO friendly, and wants to run up to every dog he sees? Petiquette works for both!

We will use positive reinforcement and lots of space to keep your dog below threshold while your dog learns about polite greetings and personal space. We use a comprehensive desensitization and  counter-conditioning protocol, elements of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), and Control Unleashed games so that your dog learns when new people/dogs/bikes/cars are around, good things happen! Once your dog is more comfortable, others around you will be more comfortable too!

You’ll learn how to:
-keep people from approaching your dog
-put distance between you and your dog’s triggers, and
-let people know that your dog is in training, and needs more space.

How it works:

The Petiquette package contains 3 parts:

1: The video. You will recieve an email confirmation of your registration, as well as an email containing a link to a 30 minute video about Petiquette so that you know what we will be doing, and what you’ll need to get started.

2: Schedule a private training session. You choose the time that works best for you! It’s a one hour private training session in your fenced yard* or indoors at Hank & Hound in Pembroke, where we will practice the mini games and dis-engagement techniques you saw in the video from step 1.

3: Group walking sessions to practice what you’ve learned in a real-world scenario. We will be walking outdoors in areas around Petawawa and Pembroke.

The Petiquette course includes:
-a 30 minute video
-a 60 minute private training session
-four 30 minute group practice walks

For $149 per dog, plus taxes.
All the human members of the family are welcome to participate at no extra fee.

How will you know what dates and times are available for you to book your private session? Click this button to see the times available, and book your private session that comes with the Petiquette course.

*Note: One private session is included in the price of Petiquette when you register using the green button. Clicking this green button will allow you to see the times available for private training, and to schedule the time for your private training session. Once you select the time for your private session, you have officially registered for the Petiquette program, and will receive a link to the Petiquette video in your confirmation email. Please watch the 30 minute video before our private training session.

Group walks are mix and match… you can select the dates that are most convenient for you!

You will receive a coupon code after your private training session to reserve the 4 walking practice dates you wish to attend that are included in the Petiquette fee. You can attend additional practice walks at $10 each.  You will see that the online scheduling app shows that each walking practice date is $10; but the coupon code you will receive after the private training session can be used 4 times to reserve a practice walk for free.

There are locations in Petawawa and Pembroke. The details of the locations will be in the email you receive at registraton.

You must register for each of the walks you plan to attend so that I know how many dogs to expect. The maximum number of dog participants in a group walk is 4, so that the dogs don’t get over stimulated. The walks are a maximum of 30 minutes long to keep them short and sweet.
**We will only be walking when it’s nice outside, to ensure it’s a positive experience for you and your dog!

*Within a 30 minute driving distance from Petawawa.

**In the case of bad weather, outdoor walks will be rescheduled.

I look forward to seeing you and your pupper!

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