Passionate & Knowledgeable

Scarlett is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer. She understands that all dogs are individuals, and works hard to find the right solutions for her human and K9 pupils. Adaptable and dedicated, I’ve seen her succeed where other trainers have failed.

Made it a positive experience

I contact Scarlett after Longueuil put a BSL into place. My 7 year old pitbull had never walked with a muzzle before and was having a hard time adjusting. Scarlett showed us how to make it a positive experience for him. After only 2 weeks of consistent work I’m...

Scarlett is fantastic with pups!

Scarlett is fantastic with pups. I knew right from the first meet and greet with our very excitable puggle that she was educated and well versed in the laguage of dogs. Odie has gone for several grooming sessions and comes back happy, fluffy and smelling amazing!...