Practical Tricks

Practical Tricks is a combination of cooperative care behaviours and activities that teach both you and your dog how break down complex behaviours into smaller pieces to make learning easier. These entry-level behaviours can be helpful in daily situations, or even to make vet visits easier! These behaviours have been chosen as some of the most useful building blocks for cooperative care behaviours, or to build the basis for a variety of tricks.

This is a beginner level class, no pre-requisites to attend.

Dates and times for the next course:

This Class Date is Full -Sunday February 6, 13, 20 and 27 from 11:00am-11:50am – This Class Date is Full

Registration is for one dog and up to 2 handlers.
$89 for the course (4 classes in total)

Location: Beyond the Leash Pet Boutique
3067 Petawawa Blvd unit 4 (Entrance is at the back of the building)
Petawawa, ON

Learn about:
-Cooperative care behaviours
-The advantages of giving your dog choices
-Breaking new behaviours into smaller steps to achieve success

Fluent Pet communication buttons are available for purchase here.

The behaviours (tricks) we will cover are:
-Targeting: used in the Chin Rest, the Snoot challenge, and Talking buttons
-The Bucket Game: Giving your dog a way to communicate choice and consent during handling
-Muzzle training: Make safety fun!